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Contract Work

Having worked in the construction industry for many decades, Fence Fix Ireland provides a range of services on a contractor basis. We work with domestic, commercial, and industrial customers nationwide. Previously, we have worked with multinational clients in Ireland, the UK, Europe, and Africa.

Building Repairs & Maintenance

The team at Fence Fix Ireland provides high quality, professional construction, maintenance, and repair services. From new build projects and building renovations to regular maintenance and property care, we tailor our services to the specific needs of every project. No matter your specifications, we work to the highest industry standards and guarantee long-lasting, quality results.

Some of the service we can provide include:

Some of the service we can provide include:

  • Site Management

Project Management

Fence Fix Ireland has experienced, trained and qualified project managers available for various contracts. We provide professional and highly reliable project supervision with expertise in all construction elements, including engineering, safety, and design. We can offer a full PSCS Service (Project Supervisor for Construction Stage). Our project management services are incredibly flexible and can adapt to your project's exact specifications and requirements. As project managers, we work closely with our clients to deliver an efficient and cost-effective service. We guarantee professional work and excellent customer service, no matter how large or small your project may be.

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Contract Work FAQs

  • Do you have project management qualifications?

    Yes, Fence Fix Ireland employs a fully qualified and experienced project manager. We provide a full management service, including a Project Supervisor for Construction Safety Stage (PSCS) service.

  • What is your experience in the construction industry?

    Our highly skilled contractors have worked around the world with multiple organisations. The most prominent of these is CISC, with whom we have worked on numerous international projects.

  • How much do you charge for contractor services?

    Our prices will vary depending on your project's needs. Please get in touch with Fence Fix Ireland to discuss your requirements, and we can provide you with a free quote.