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Fence Repairs

At Fence Fix Ireland we provide an expert fence repairs service to improve and restore the integrity of your fencing. We offer fence repairs for domestic, agricultural, and commercial customers nationwide.


 Over time, your fencing will become damaged from general wear and tear, poor weather conditions, and physical damage. This damage may affect both the overall appearance of the fence and its structural integrity. If ignored, this damage may lead to safety hazards for animals and people. It is not always necessary to replace the fencing. We have an expert eye for spotting faults and weaknesses and guarantee efficient and cost-effective repairs. If minor problems are repaired correctly, it will prevent the need for more extensive repairs and replacements in the future.

Fence Maintenance

Regular fence maintenance is essential to preserve the integrity and extend the lifespan of your fencing. Poorly maintained fences pose safety risks for animals, the general public, etc. Fence Fix Ireland can provide fence maintenance on a full range of domestic barriers. Our fence maintenance services also extend to the agricultural and commercial sectors. By offering quality, cost-effective maintenance services, we can help ensure the continued competency of fencing for years to come.


Fence Fix Ireland offers a nationwide service. We repair and maintain fencing in domestic, agricultural, and commercial settings.

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Fence Repairs & Maintenance FAQs

  • Is it better to repair or replace fencing?

    This depends on how extensive the damage is. Small wear and tears can be repaired at minimal cost without affecting the overall aesthetics and structure of the fence. If the damage is extensive, it may be better to replace the fencing altogether.

  • Is fence maintenance necessary?

    Proper and regular maintenance work will extend the lifespan of your fencing. Effective maintenance allows you to address minor issues and damage before they cause significant problems saving you money on costly and time-consuming replacements.

  • How much do you charge for fencing repairs?

    The cost of repairs varies depending on the fencing type and the extent of the damage. For a free quote, you can contact Fence Fix Ireland directly.