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FenceFix Ireland is the leading provider of fencing throughout Cork and offers a comprehensive fence repair and fence installation service for domestic, commercial, and agricultural settings throughout Ireland, meaning that customers nationwide can benefit from our expertise.


We prioritize customer satisfaction above all else and consistently strive for excellence in all areas of our irish owned business.


We strive to deliver an exceptional experience from the moment you contact us, until the successful completion of your project. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are always ready to assist you, providing expert advice and guidance to help you make the right choice for your property type, depending on your desired result. We believe in building long-term relationships with our customers based on trust, reliability, and outstanding service.

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PVC Fencing Cork

PVC fencing, also referred to as vinyl fencing, is a type of fencing solution made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material. It is a synthetic plastic polymer which is being favoured and utilised by Irish households, businesses, and farms over traditional fencing materials like wood or metal. PVC fencing is known for its durability, longevity, weather resistance, low maintenance requirements, and aesthetic appeal. In the current market, PVC fencing has also increased the resale value of homes, making it a very worthy investment. Get in touch to learn more about our PVC fencing instalment and repair services.

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Garden Fencing Ireland

Are you ready for your white picket fence? A well-designed and sturdy garden fence not only adds charm to your outdoor space but also provides an increased level of security and privacy. Our fencing services will ensure your flower beds are protected from the wild Irish weathering elements, alongside any wildlife visitors. Garden fencing also acts as a sturdy barrier to keep pets and children safe, which is particularly important if your property is situated on a busy road.


We install wooden fencing, PVC fencing, metal fencing, wire fencing and stone fencing across all counties, homes, businesses and agricultural land and farms across Ireland, depending on your needs. If you are unsure what type of fencing is the right one for your property, just get in touch! Our fencing experts will be happy to guide you.

Fencing Cork FAQS

  • Can I install a garden fence on top of a wall?

    Yes. It is possible to install a garden fence on top of a wall, provided it is structurally sound and can support the additional weight. Our professionals at Fencefix Ireland will guide you when you get in touch.

  • What are the legal requirements for garden fencing in Ireland?

    In Ireland, there are no specific legal requirements for garden fencing. However, it's essential to respect your neighbours’ boundaries and adhere to local guidelines or planning permissions that may be applicable.

  • Are there any eco-friendly options for garden fencing in Ireland?

    Yes. There are eco-friendly options available for garden fencing in Ireland. Bamboo fencing is a sustainable choice as it is fast-growing and renewable. Additionally, recycled plastic fences are an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional materials.